Waters Edge Artist Dan Rizzi, and Lynn, owner of Steele Street Trading, celebrating her acquisition of the beautiful painting Dan did of her unique building in downtown Algoma  during the recent “Art of Water” weekend. 

Jay Parsons, Bonnita Budysz, Robert Theaker at the 2016 WEA/OPA Paint Out at Devil's River Campground

Artists Lori Scherer (above left) and Russell Schwindt (above right) paint at the Rahr West Museum in Manitowoc, WI, during a recent winter "paint in."

Artists (l to rt) Robert Theaker, Jay Parsons, Russ Schwindt, Judy Parins, Marina Beyer, Pam Clausen, Bonnita Budysz

Artists Cynthia Dirtzu (above left) and Marina Beyer (above right) paint at Foxley's in Appleton, WI during a recent winter "paint in."

Campground Owner Bob Lyman and Bonnita Budysz

Waters Edge Artists saying farewell to Algoma after a very successful weekend painting and selling their works to raise funds for the “Friends of Crescent Beach” at the recent “Art of Water” hosted by the James May Gallery.