Point Beach Snow by Barbara Zipperer

24" x 12" unframed size

Acrylic, Stretched Canvas

$420.00, with frame

Flowers in Bloom by Barbara Zipperer

14" x 10"unframed size, Oil on canvas board

$205.00 with frame

Mary Costantino

A Fresh Coat of Paint (Menominee North Pier Lighthouse)

11 x 14 (framed), Pastel


Evelyn Grasse

Opposites Attract 

Watercolor. 20x26 

$650.00. Framed

Ken Marsden

Barn 2013, 9" X 8" in 13" X 12" frame


Chuck Eaton

Hill Country Farm, 14x18, Oil


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Kitty Lynne Klich

"Grand Canyon, South Rim"

11x14, oil on linen, $625

Dan Rizzi

"Mary in the Garden"

14"x18" Oil on Canvas

Framed $530.00, w/o $440.00

Russell Schwindt

Still the Only Hotel in Maribel

11" x 14" Oil

$650.00 Framed

Mary Anderson

Poison Beauties, 24.5" x 20.25" (Framed)

Pastel, $650.00

Jeffry Young

"Studio Apartments," 8"X10"
Oil on linen on hard board
$315, Framed

Kitty Lynne Klich

"Her Majesty in the Morning Mist"

20x16, oil on linen, $750

Judy Parins

Finding Shade
Oil, 8 x 10, $350

Cynthia Tumpach

"Cow Break"

12 x 24, Oil on canvas

​Price $985.00 Framed

Kitty Lynne Klich

"Mill Creek"

11x14, oil on linen, $550

Spring Thaw by Barbara Zipperer

9" x 12" unframed size

Water Color and Colored pencil on paper

$235.00, with mat and frame

Evelyn Grasse

The Onion River Gang

Watercolor. 16x20
$475.00. Framed

From my window by Barbara Zipperer

8" x 10" unframed size, Water Color and colored pencil on paper

$350.00, with mat and frame

Kitty Lynne Klich

"Boating On The Grand Canal"

11x14, oil on linen, $575

Judy Parins

Quiet Sunset
Oil, 6 x 6, $75

Judy Parins

Behind the Old Mill
Oil, 11 x 14, $500

Evelyn Grasse

My Cactus Garden

Watercolor. 26x20


Cynthia Tumpach

"Park Trail"

12 x 16, Oil on canvas board

​Price $695.00 Framed

Russell Schwindt
This is a bus you’ll want to “catch”
Oil on panel / 16” x 12” / studio
$750.00  framed

Judy Parins

Oil, 9 x 12, $350

Scottish Highlands

By Mary Costantino

Painted from a photo she took while visiting Scotland

Oil, 9 x 12